In the news

My research has been featured in news outlets, including the BBC and New York Times. Outputs are for a range of audiences and in many languages. 

Some examples are provided below:

Castle Bank fauna (project led by JP Botting & LA Muir; May 2023) 

Mieridduryn bonniae discovery (November 2022)

Utaurora comosa - the 2nd opabiniid (February 2022)

First radiodont fossil from Wales (June 2020)

Atlas of fossil horseshoe crabs (project led by RDC Bicknell; July 2020)

Pahvantia hastata and the Cambrian biological pump (projet led by R Lerosey-Aubril; September 2018)

Fossil record supports a Cambrian origin of arthropods (project led by AC Daley; May 2018)