Guest lecturing

I have given guest lectures to 3rd year undergraduates (Ancient Life and Environments course) and masters level students (Part III seminar series) in the Earth Sciences Department, University of Cambridge. In addition I have lectured for 1st year undergraduates (Evolution module) at the University of Exeter.

Small Group Teaching

Since 2015, I have over 100 hours of leading small group teaching sessions (2-4 students per 1 hour session), across Earth Sciences and Zoology departments.

I have taught 1st, 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates, with topics ranging from palaeobiology and the history of life to sedimentology and stratigraphy to Planet Earth: the bigger picture.

Practical demonstrations

Since 2015 I have over 100 hours of experience teaching practical demonstrations for students ranging from 1st-3rd year undergraduates in Earth Sciences and Zoology departments.

Topics covered include invertebrate palaeobiology, history of life, exceptional preservation, invertebrate anatomy and vertebrate anatomy. 

Teaching in the field

I have taught on field trips covering topics including geological mapping palaeobiology, stratigraphy and exceptional preservation, for 1st-3rd year undergraduates and masters students.

These trips have taken place in Germany, Ireland, Morocco and the UK.

training and professional development

In 2021-22 I attended the Teaching Associates Programme run by the University of Cambridge, compiling my teaching portfolio and attaining Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in September 2022.